A 10-year review of accidents and incidents within the USDA Forest Service wildland fire system.

This document seeks to describe the wildland fire system and culture within which U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service employees operate. To do so, this review presents a narrative of the Forest Service’s wildland fire system based on the opinions, experiences, and perspectives of those who operate within it.

The primary learning from the metareview process is hosted in three formats: an interactive PDF, an audiobook, and a set of StoryMaps. The content within each platform is the same. However, each product provides a different avenue for learning. Some folks may be readers, others may enjoy a more visual experience. Hopefully we have a product that suits your learning preference and needs.

USFS Innovation and Organizational Learning. 2022. Wildland Fire Metareview, 2007–2016. Report FS-1197. USDA Forest Service. 69 p.

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