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  • Todd J. Hawbaker
    US Geological Survey, Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
  • Brenna Challis
    US Geological Survey, Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
  • Amanda R. Carlson
    US Geological Survey, Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
  • James R. Meldrum
    US Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center
  • Lucas S. Bair
    US Geological Survey, Southwest Biological Science Center
  • Paul F. Steblein
    US Geological Survey, National Center
Host Agency:
  • US Geological Survey
Publication Date: 2023

The Department of Interior (DOI) Office of Wildland Fire and USGS created the Wildfire Hazard and Risk Assessment Clearinghouse to meet the Monitoring, Maintenance, and Treatment Plan requirements under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). It provides an interactive interface to an inventory of key national, regional, and state wildfire hazard and risk assessments useful for understanding different characterizations of fire risk and communicating contributions toward risk reduction of treatments funded by DOI under BIL. The clearinghouse provides a description and information about the spatial extent, resolution, fire modeling approach, values considered (assets and resources), and vintage of LANDFIRE and fire data used. The aggregated data can help communicate treatment application priorities to DOI landscapes. In addition, this inventory recognizes that no assessment perfectly represents all lands, as values at risk and methodology choices create variation among the assessments. In the near term, this variation creates an opportunity to present a multi-perspective view of treatment priorities at the Bureau or Departmental level. Longer term, this clearinghouse will provide an evaluation of each approach and perform a gap analysis on values at risk, contributing towards new approaches needed to account for treatment priorities across the diversity of DOI lands.

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  • BIL - Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
  • fuel treatment priorities
  • wildfire hazard and risk assessments
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