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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Hiep Nguyen Duc; Merched Azzi; Yang Zhang; John Kirkwood; Stephen White; Toan Trieu; Matthew Riley; David Salter; Lisa Tzu-Chi Chang; Jordan Capnerhurst; Joseph Ho; Gunaratnam Gunashanhar; Khalia Monk
Publication Date: 2023

The emission of black carbon (BC) particles, which cause atmospheric warming by affecting radiation budget in the atmosphere, is the result of an incomplete combustion process of organic materials. The recent wildfire event during the summer 2019–2020 in south-eastern Australia was unprecedented in scale. The wildfires lasted for nearly 3 months over large areas of the two most populated states of New South Wales and Victoria. This study on the emission and dispersion of BC emitted from the biomass burnings of the wildfires using the Weather Research Forecast–Chemistry (WRF–Chem) model aims to determine the extent of BC spatial dispersion and ground concentration distribution and the effect of BC on air quality and radiative transfer at the top of the atmosphere, the atmosphere and on the ground. The predicted aerosol concentration and AOD are compared with the observed data using the New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) aethalometer and air quality network and remote sensing data. The BC concentration as predicted from the WRF–Chem model, is in general, less than the observed data as measured using the aethalometer monitoring network, but the spatial pattern corresponds well, and the correlation is relatively high. The total BC emission into the atmosphere during the event and the effect on radiation budget were also estimated. This study shows that the summer 2019–2020 wildfires affect not only the air quality and health impact on the east coast of Australia but also short-term weather in the region via aerosol interactions with radiation and clouds.

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Citation: Duc, Hiep N.; Azzi, Merched; Zhang, Yang; Kirkwood, John; White, Stephen; Trieu, Toan; Riley, Matthew; Salter, David; Chang, Lisa T.; Capnerhurst, Jordan; Ho, Joseph; Gunashanhar, Gunaratnam; Monk, Khalia. 2023. Black carbon emissions, transport and effect on radiation forcing modelling during the summer 2019-2020 wildfires in southeast Australia. Atmosphere 14(4):699.

Cataloging Information

  • 2019/2020 Australian wildfires
  • aerosol direct effects
  • aerosol indirect effects
  • aethalometer
  • black carbon
  • Black Summer fires
  • C - carbon
  • New South Wales
  • radiative forcing
  • WRF-Chem
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