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Publication Date: November 2022

Inga La Puma, Fire Scientist & Technical Lead* discusses the nuanced role that LANDFIRE plays as it provides foundational data for multiple tools within the natural resource community.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:58 What's LANDFIRE?
  • 1:29 LANDFIRE Milestones
  • 2:36 Interrelationship between LANDFIRE Layers
  • 4:06 Data distribution database
  • 5:12 Disturbance Annual/Historical
  • 7:31 Vegetation: Existing vegetation type (EVT) explained
  • 9:04 LANDFIRE uses machine learning, trains models with real plot, lidar data
  • 11:59 Cohesive Strategy & LANDFIRE - overlap?
  • 13:13 LANDFIRE provides spatial context using Events, Annual Disturbance, EVC, Fuel models
  • 15:29 LANDFIRE inputs information for determining fire risk
  • 18:05 LANDFIRE inputs information for Interagency Fuel Treatment Decision Support System
  • 20:01 Case study from Colorado: Upper Pine River
  • 22:16 Response to fire: LANDFIRE inputs information for WFDSS (Wildland Fire Decision Support System) fire behavior models
  • 25:20 LANDFIRE inputs for Potential Operation Delineation (PODs), Snag hazard map, TreeMap, Fireshed, 3D fuels
  • 27:22 Map suppression difficulty index across U.S.
  • 28:03 LANDFIRE is doing annual releases - incremental
  • 31:40 Challenges faced in risk assessment(s)? Fires don't stop at the end of vegetation...structure risk
  • 36:13 Difficult to communicate tradeoffs between different management scenarios, public tolerance for different treatments
  • 39:59 Have there been internal challenges to the data? Political pressures to convey information differently? Suggestions for improving LF data
  • 42:29 How old is our "oldest" data?
  • 44:09 Lidar for Remap? GEDI?
  • 47:32 VDDT Model - history with LANDFIRE?
Recording Length: 0:49:40
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Fire Behavior    Fuels    Hazard and Risk    Mapping    Models    Planning
Alaska    California    Eastern    Great Basin    Hawaii    Northern Rockies    Northwest    Rocky Mountain    Southern    Southwest    National
  • EVC - existing vegetation cover
  • EVT - existing vegetation type
  • FBFM40 - Fire Behavior Fuel Model 40
  • fire regimes
  • geodatabase
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