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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Antonio Pasquale Belloi; Stefano Campesi; Corrado Nieddu; Francesco Tola; Sergio Deiana; Marinella Zizi; Giancarlo Muntoni; Giovanni Tesei; Alessandro M.S. Delitala; Carlo Dessy
Publication Date: 2022

The strategic project MED-Star-Strategies and measures for fire risk mitigation in the Mediterranean area-was funded by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Italy-France Maritime” from 2014 to 2020. The general objective is to contribute to the improvement in the capacity of public institutions to prevent and manage the increasing risk of wildfire resulting from climate change in areas of interest with a high human presence and characterized by high nature values. MED-Star aims to promote and enhance the coverage and integration of joint public fire-risk-management systems. In general, the project envisages: (i) the development of innovative governance models, implementing joint plans in all phases of firefighting; (ii) transferring innovative models and methodologies from the scientific world to public administrations; (iii) creating a joint monitoring and coordination system for firefighting; (iv) developing communication, awareness, and training actions aimed at the general public, e.g., the population, but also tourists and other stakeholders. MED-Star consists of four components as “sub-actions” of the strategic project idea and four simple projects connected to the strategic idea but autonomous in terms of budgets and project management teams. These components are T1-Fire Monitoring; T2-Fire Prediction and Prevention; T3-Fire Management and Strategic Planning; and C-Communication. The simple projects are pilot or study projects with a focus on specific in-depth issues, the outputs of which constitute a contribution to the implementation of MED-Star. The project partnership is extensive and includes five regions, three universities, five research institutes, and other public institutions of the programme area. The Region of Sardinia is the project leader.

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Citation: Belloi, Antonio Pasquale; Campesi, Stefano; Nieddu, Corrado; Tola, Francesco; Deiana, Sergio; Zizi, Marinella; Muntoni, Giancarlo; Tesei, Giovanni; Delitala, Alessandro M.S.; Dessy, Carlo. 2022. Strategies and measures for wildfire risk mitigation in the Mediterranean area: the MED-Star project. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):124.

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  • firefighting
  • governance
  • innovation
  • Italy
  • knowledge transfer
  • MED-Star project
  • Mediterranean Area
  • wildfire risk management
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