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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Pauline Longeard; Frederic Morandini; Sugahendni Nadarajah; Antoine Pieri; Antonella Massaiu; Marie-Cécile Andrei-Ruiz; Lila Ferrat
Publication Date: 2022

Like many Mediterranean regions, Corsica is frequently exposed to forest fire risk. The development of preventive techniques is therefore essential to preserve these ecosystems. Prescribed burns allow the reduction in surface fuels and are often combined with other forest-management methods such as pruning or grinding. Nevertheless, little is known about the impact of prescribed burning on the soil of Pinus laricio forests.

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Citation: Longeard, Pauline; Morandini, Frederic; Nadarajah, Sugahendni; Pieri, Antoine; Massaiu, Antonella; Andrei-Ruiz, Marie-Cécile; Ferrat, Lila. 2022. Efficiency and impact of prescribed burning in Pinus laricio forest. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):114.

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  • arthropods
  • France
  • fuel particle
  • Pinus laricio
  • soils
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