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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Claudio Ribotta; José M. Costa-Saura; Valentina Bacciu; Costantino Sirca; Donatella Spano
Publication Date: 2022

The study of wildfire’s causes and ignition patterns, which in the Mediterranean area, are mainly directly or indirectly linked to human activities, is essential for designing effective wildfire risks reduction measures and to mitigate the related impacts on ecosystems and livelihoods.

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Citation: Ribotta, Claudio; Costa-Saura, José Maria; Bacciu, Valentina; Sirca, Costantino; Spano, Donatella. 2022. Spatial variability of wildfire causes in French eastern Mediterranean regions. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):110.

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  • France
  • ignition pattern
  • ignitions
  • wildfire causes
  • wildfire risk
  • wildfires
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