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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Maria Tiziana Pinna; Maria Gabriella Cuccu; Maria Piera Giannasi; Antonio Casula; Salvatore Cabiddu
Publication Date: 2022

Extreme wildfires events (EWEs) represent a real challenge for any firefighting apparatus, as they exceed the current control capacity even in the best-prepared regions of the world, and they create destruction and a disproportionate number of fatalities.

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Citation: Pinna, Maria Tiziana; Cuccu, Maria Gabriella; Giannasi, Maria Piera; Casula, Antonio; Cabiddu, Salvatore. 2022. The 2021 Montiferru wildfire, Sardinia (Italy): analysis of a large wildfire. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):108.

Cataloging Information

  • emergency management
  • EWE - extreme wildfire event
  • fire spread
  • firefighting
  • Italy
  • Mediterranean Areas
  • Montiferru
  • Sardinia
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