A future of more wildfires in Alaska
Document Type: Magazine Article
Author(s): Zav Grabinski
Publication Year: 2022

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  • carbon release
  • tundra fire
  • wildfire environment
  • wildfire management
  • wildfire mitigation
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[from the text] June 2022 in Alaska was a remarkable month for wildfire. An incredible 1.84 million acres burned, nearly tying the all-time record for June. Notably, 1.2 million acres burned in southwestern Alaska, more than doubling the area burned in that region since the 1950s in a single year. Smoke impacts over the region impacted health and transportation, with air quality reaching 700 ppm PM2.5 at the Nome hospital at one point. Intense drought, followed by massive lightning storms, were two of the major drivers of 2022’s fire season. This year was part of a larger trend occurring for the past few decades in Alaska, a trend of larger and more frequent wildfires as well as the expansion of large wildfires into new areas.

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Grabinski, Zav. 2022. A future of more wildfires in Alaska. Western Forester 67(4):4-5.