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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Francesca Lantero; Paola Du Jardin; Federica Claudia Pesle; Valentina Parodi; Stefano Vergante; Massimo Galardi
Publication Date: 2022

The Medcoopfire project is part of the project system on forest fire management and aims to analyse, share and build a management model agreed between fire extinguishing operations through partnership. The objective is to develop a more effective strategy for the management of fire risk and extinguishing interventions in order to arrive at a common and resilient response at the level of civil society. The idea is to start from the know-how of each individual territory to create a common system of action/reaction, harmonizing policies and procedures, and an interoperability protocol between the intervention teams. Medcoopfire aims to create new cross-border “prototyping” tools, compatible with existing instruments and fire intervention units (AIB), to help the neighbouring region quickly and in an integrated way. The aim is to strengthen existing synergies and create new ones. The consolidation of a widespread and organised operational network is one of the most effective ways to decide on appropriate actions and involves an integrated approach between different actions (preventive, alert, operational preparation and shutdown) and use of resources. Particular attention is paid to the implementation and integration of communications, which are a critical factor for the optimization of interventions. Cooperation really becomes an added value in terms of strengthening the operations of the personnel in emergency management, sharing innovative knowledge tools to compare to forecasting models, and controlling flame front propagation and management.

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Citation: Lantero, Francesca; Du Jardin, Paola; Pesle, Federica Claudia; Parodi, Valentina; Vergante, Stefano; Galardi, Massimo. 2022. The Medcoopfire project. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):102.

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  • fire management
  • fire risk
  • Italy
  • Medcoopfire
  • synergies
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