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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Andrea Duane; Antoni Trasobares; Elena Gorriz-Mifsud; Laia Casafont; Sara Maltoni
Publication Date: 2022

Extreme wildfire events exceeding control capacity are becoming a major environmental, economic and social threat, not only in fire-prone regions in Southern Europe, America and Oceania, but also in new areas such as Central and Northern Europe. The EU H2020 FIRE-RES project aims to provide Europe with the necessary capacity to avoid collapse in the face of Extreme Wildfire Events (EWE), which are projected to increase as the result of a harsher climate. FIRE-RES is a 4-year project (2021-2025) whose scope is to effectively promote the implementation of a holistic fire management approach and support the transition towards more resilient landscapes and communities to EWE in Europe. FIRE-RES brings together a transdisciplinary, multi-actor consortium of 35 partners, formed by researchers, wildfire agencies, technological companies, industry and civil society from 13 countries, linking to broader networks in science and disaster reduction management. The project will deploy a total of 34 innovation actions across a set of eleven living labs representing different environments in Europe and Chile. Its final mission is to boost the socio-ecological transition of the European Union towards a fire-resilient continent by developing a stream of innovative actions.

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Citation: Duane, Andrea; Trasobares, Antoni; Górriz, Elena; Casafont, Laia; Maltoni, Sara. 2022. The FIRE-RES project: innovative technologies and socio-ecological-economic solutions for FIRE RESilient territories in Europe. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):100.

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  • Europe
  • EWE - extreme wildfire event
  • fire-resilient landscape
  • integrated fire management
  • wildfires
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