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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Beatriz Lourenço; Bruno A. Aparício; Chiara Bruni; Akli Ait Benali; Ana C.L. Sá
Publication Date: 2022

Undoubtedly, wildfires impacts have been increasing in the Mediterranean basin during the last decades. In Portugal, recent extreme fire events demanded science-based information to support priority measures to protect values at risk. Our results show that the highest fire hazard occurs in the vicinity of the industrial properties (up to 1 km), mainly due to high BP in non-industrial eucalyptus plantations, and large fires in pastures and oaklands. Risk values range from 0 to 665 €/ha. 7% of the eucalyptus productive area has values above 141 €/ha (corresponding to the 90th percentile). Based on these results, we highlight the major sources of hazard in the landscape as well as the location of the properties with the highest values at risk.

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Citation: Lourenço, Beatriz; Aparício, Bruno A.; Bruni, Chiara; Benali, Akli; Sá, Ana C.L. 2022. Assessing economical losses in pulp industry properties due to large wildfires in central Portugal. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):99.

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  • fire economic losses
  • fire spread simulation
  • Portugal
  • wildfire hazard
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