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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Tommaso Richelmy; Giovanni Antonio Re; Federico Sanna; Antonello Franca; Michele Salis; Bachisio Arca
Publication Date: 2022

In recent years, wildfires of unprecedented scale and duration have occurred in different regions of the world, a phenomenon that is expected to be exacerbated by climate change. Although burned areas generally decreased in the Mediterranean basin in recent decades, a current increase in extreme wildfire events represents a potential threat to human and natural systems. Since scholars have highlighted the potential of agroforestry (AF) systems in contributing to a fire risk reduction in Mediterranean environments, this study aimed to examine whether lower wildfire risk factors could be found in AF areas under simulated climate change conditions.

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Citation: Richelmy, Tommaso; Re, Giovanni Antonio; Sanna, Federico; Franca, Antonello; Salis, Michele; Arca, Bachisio. 2022. A spatial analysis of wildfire risk factors in agroforestry areas under climate change: a case study from Monte Pisanu, Sardinia (Italy). Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):97.

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  • agroforestry
  • burn probability
  • climate change
  • FlamMap
  • Italy
  • risk factors
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