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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Giacomo Pacini; Irene Cacciatore; Gianluca Calvani
Publication Date: 2022

Ongoing climate change induces extreme phenomena and creates favourable conditions for the development of large fires. The Tuscany Organization has become aware of the fact that an emergency approach cannot be the solution to the fire problem, and has modified its Forestry Law by inserting a new tool-Specific Plans for Forest Fire Prevention-to guarantee effective interventions to safeguard the territory in the regional areas which are most at risk. It is an innovative approach for the Italian reality of these fires, based on models of intervention planning that start from the historical regime of forest fires to characterize the type of events that could occur in the area.

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Citation: Pacini, Giacomo; Cacciatore, Irene; Calvani, Gianluca. 2022. New specific plans for forest fire prevention. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):96.

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  • forest fires
  • Italy
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