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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Giuseppe Squicciarino; Elisabetta Fiori; Umberto Morra di Cella; Paolo Fiorucci; Luca Pulvirenti
Publication Date: 2022

An automatic near-real-time (NRT) burned area (BA) mapping approach is presented. It is based on the AUTOmatic Burned Areas Mapper (AUTOBAM) tool proposed in Pulvirenti et al. (2020) and designed to map BA using Sentinel-2 (S2) data. S2 data are complemented by ancillary data, namely MODIS-derived and VIIRS-derived active fire products, fire susceptibility mapping, and by fire notifications from operational rooms. Italy is chosen because the AUTOBAM tool was originally designed to respond to a request by the Italian Department of Civil Protection. Moreover, notifications from the firefighting fleet belonging to Joint Air Operating Centre and (for some regions such as Lazio) from the Unified Permanent Fire Protection Unit are available in NRT.

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Citation: Squicciarino, Giuseppe; Fiori, Elisabetta; Morra di Cella, Umberto; Fiorucci, Paolo; Pulvirenti, Luca. 2022. Near-real-time burned area mapping using Sentinel-2 and ancillary data: Italy as a test case. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):91.

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  • burned areas
  • Italy
  • near-real-time
  • Sentinel-2
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