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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Valentina Bacciu; Serena Marras; Valentina Mereu; Matteo Funaro; Silvia Mongili; Sergio Cossu; Giampaolo Meloni; Francesca Masu; Virginia Cristina Pira; Donatella Spano
Publication Date: 2022

Over the next few decades, a generalized increase in fire danger and burned area is expected over Southern Europe. This growing risk has led the Italy-France Maritime MED-Star project to improve the involved public institutions' capacity to jointly prevent and manage fire, also through appropriate adaptation actions. The process of adaptation to climate change entails a number of adjustments of human and natural systems to future climate, in order to minimize the risk and/or maximize benefit. The definition of adaptation objectives and actions is made more complex due to the impact assessment uncertainty. To address this issue, the literature identifies the use of iterative, participatory and inclusive decision-making processes that implies the involvement and cooperation of different actors and sectors.

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Citation: Bacciu, Valentina; Marras, Serena; Mereu, Valentina; Funaro, Matteo; Mongili, Silvia; Cossu, Sergio; Meloni, Giampaolo; Masu, Francesca; Pira, Virginia Cristina; Spano, Donatella. 2022. Application of a participatory process for the selection of adaptation actions in the context of rural and forest fires: preliminary results from the experience conducted within the Italy-France maritime MED-Star project. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):81.

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  • adaptation matrix
  • adaptation options
  • France
  • Italy
  • MED-Star project
  • participatory process
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