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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Francesco Baghino; Andrea Trucchia; Mirko D'Andrea; Paolo Fiorucci
Publication Date: 2022

The development of exhaustive wildfire management strategies is a priority, especially in Mediterranean countries where fire-prone conditions are widespread. The lack of prevention and preparedness capacities and the difficulties in rapidly sharing useful information to cope with the direct impacts on exposed people among first responders and Civil Protection Authorities (CPAs) are important issues. Extreme weather conditions characterize the main wildfire emergencies in southern EU countries [1], where the fire propagation is rapid and the authorities struggle to cope with wildfire events.

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Citation: Baghino, Francesco; Trucchia, Andrea; D'Andrea, Mirko; Fiorucci, Paolo. 2022. PROPAGATOR, a cellular automata model for fast wildfire simulations: latest improvements and future perspectives. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):60.

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  • cellular automata
  • fire spread
  • wildfire simulation
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