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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Aline M. de Oliveira; Joaquim S. Silva; José Gaspar; Nuno Guiomar; Paulo M. Fernandes
Publication Date: 2022

The expansion of the 2017 megafires in Portugal was observed to be locally halted by native broadleaf forest patches. Here, we present spatial simulation scenarios of fire behavior to assess whether native broadleaf forest cover mitigates fire spread during extreme wildfire conditions in wildland-urban interface (WUI) areas around industrial zones (IZs).

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Citation: Oliveira, Aline; Silva, Joaquim; Gaspar, José; Guiomar, Nuno; Fernandes, Paulo. 2022. Is native forest an alternative to prevent wildfire in the WUI in central Portugal? Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):56.

Cataloging Information

  • fire spread
  • forest management
  • industrial zones
  • Portugal
  • spatial fire simulators
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