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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Miguel Pacheco; Aline M. de Oliveira; Paulo A. Martins Fernandes; Joaquim S. Silva
Publication Date: 2022

This study aims to evaluate the effect of fuel management of Fuel Breaks and the effect of forest type on surface fire behavior. Thirty pairs of Managed Areas vs. Non-Managed Areas were sampled. These were distributed throughout the Central Region of Portugal, in ten eucalyptus stands, ten maritime pine stands, and ten mixed stands of eucalyptus and other species. Field data, including the loads and structure of fuels, fuel moisture and micrometeorological information, were collected and used to develop fuel models and perform surface fire behavior simulations in Behave Plus 6 Beta. The results show that only one third of the statistical tests showed significant differences (Table 1) in surface fire behavior between Managed and Unmanaged areas.

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Citation: Pacheco, Miguel; Oliveira, Aline; Fernandes, Paulo; Silva, Joaquim. 2022. Effect of fuel management and forest composition on fire behavior. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):46.

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  • forest composition
  • forest fire
  • fuel breaks
  • fuel management
  • Portugal
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