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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Marcos Rodrígues; Pere J. Gelabert; Víctor Resco de Dios; Adrián Jiménez-Ruano; Luís Torres; Jaime Ribalaygua; Cristina Vega-García
Publication Date: 2022

Lightning-caused fires are comparatively rare in Europe, but they may affect remote forested areas and result in large-scale burnings. One of the major hot-spots of lightning fires in Europe lies in Spain, with remarkable ignition counts in the northwest part of the country (el Bierzo) and along certain Mediterranean mountain ranges (Sistema Ibérico). These regions experience frequent thunderstorms and host dense vegetation communities that lead to high rates of natural fires (30% versus the 10% national average).

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Citation: Rodrigues, Marcos; Gelabert, Pere Joan; de Dios, Víctor Resco; Jiménez-Ruano, Adrián; Torres, Luís; Ribalaygua, Jaime; Vega-García, Cristina. 2022. High-resolution modeling of lightning ignition likelihood in Spain. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):40.

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  • danger
  • fire prediction
  • ignition potential
  • lightning
  • polarity
  • Spain
  • wildfires
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