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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Darko Stipaničev; Marin Bugarić; Ljiljana Šerić; Damir Krstinić; Dunja Božić-Štulić
Publication Date: 2022

Identifying the danger of fire is important for both wildfire prevention and protection. It can be useful for improving automatic fire detection systems, but also for many other fire-fighting activities that happen before the actual wildfire. The Croatian wildfire risk index is related to estimation of wildfire ignition danger and propagation danger. It is calculated on a micro-location level; therefore, it is a site-specific wildfire risk index. During its development, we have studied the possible influence of various parameters on risk index value using the correlation analysis with past wildfires in Split-Dalmatia County. Finally, two categories of parameters have been chosen:

  • Static parameters: vegetation (fuel fire sensitivity), terrain configuration (elevation, slope, aspect) and anthropogenic parameters (settlements, roads, transmission lines);
  • Dynamic parameters: wind speed and direction (correlated with slope and aspect) and Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI). Dynamic parameters are provided by the Croatian Meteorological Service once a day with 24 h forecast by ALADIN model in a 3 h time scale. The relative influence of specific parameter to overall risk index value were optimized by genetic algorithms.
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Citation: Stipaničev, Darko; Bugarić, Marin; Šerić, Ljiljana; Krstinić, Damir; Božić-Štulić, Dunja. 2022. Site-specific wildfire risk index in Croatian wildfire monitoring and surveillance system. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):34.

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  • Croatia
  • fire danger
  • fire detection
  • risk index
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