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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Paolo Fiorucci; Umberto Pernice; Vladimir M. Cvetković; Rade Rajkovchevski
Publication Date: 2022

Wildfire risk assessment plays a key role in each phase of the wildfire cycle, enabling the shift from fire suppression to prevention activities while improving decisions for response and restoration activities. Moreover, it enables synergies between fire and landscape management for achieving an integrated fire management approach.

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Citation: Fiorucci, Paolo; Pernice, Umberto; Cvetković, Vladimir M.; Rajkovchevski, Rade. 2022. Harmonizing wildfire risk assessment in western Balkans through the IPAFF project. Environmental Sciences Proceedings 17(1):14.

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  • Balkans
  • capabilities empowerment
  • fire management
  • risk assessment
  • wildfires
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