Lessons learned from rapid response research on wildland fires
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Leigh B. Lentile; Penelope Morgan; Colin Hardy; Andrew T. Hudak; Robert E. Means; Roger D. Ottmar; Peter R. Robichaud; Elaine Kennedy Sutherland; Frederick Way; Sarah Lewis
Publication Year: 2007

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  • FERA - Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
  • fire management
  • Rapid Response Research
  • wildland fires
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In recent years, more researchers are collecting data either on active wildfires or immediately after wildfire occurrence. Known as Rapid Response Research, this important undertaking provides real-time information, useful data, and improved tools for managers.

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Lentile, Leigh; Morgan, Penny; Hardy, Colin; Hudak, Andrew; Means, Robert; Ottmar, Roger; Robichaud, Peter; Sutherland, Elaine; Way, Frederick; Lewis, Sarah. 2007. Lessons learned from rapid response research on wildland fires. Fire Management Today 67(1):24-31.