Webinar - Briefing for Partners on American Lung Association Report on Wildfires and Prescribed Burning
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  • American Lung Association
Date: June 10, 2022

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  • air quality risk
  • catastrophic wildfire
  • harmful smoke exposure
  • health risk
  • lung health
  • wildfire smoke exposure
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The American Lung Association recently released a report titled "Can Prescribed Fire Mitigate Health Harm? A Review of Air Quality and Public Health Implications of Wildfire and Prescribed Fire." This report, commissioned by the American Lung Association and written by PSE Healthy Energy, makes clear that wildfire activity is predicted to increase in the decades ahead, historical fire suppression policies are insufficient for longer-term fire management, and prescribed fire can be used to mitigate the negative air quality, health, and safety impacts of large-scale wildfires. In this briefing webinar you will hear from speakers from American Lung Association and PSE Healthy Energy on the broader context for the report and key report findings.

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