From Science to Operational Tools. Applications and Research for Wildland Fire
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  • Joaquin Ramírez
    Technosylva Inc.
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  • US Forest Service, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
Date: January 28, 2021

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  • AI - artificial intelligence
  • fire risk forecasts
  • fiResponse
  • GACC - Geographic Area Coordination Center
  • ICP - Incident Command Post
  • operational tools
  • WFA - WildFire AnalystTM
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This seminar is part of the USFS Missoula Fire Lab Seminar Series.

Technosyva is a company of 50 professionals based in San Diego and in Leon, Spain. Since 1997 we focused on developing technology and applications for the wildland fire community, with a strong partnership with research institutions worldwide, and especially, the Missoula Fire Lab, which has been a source of inspiration in most of the tools that Technosylva has created. Since last year, we have a Joint Venture with the Fire Lab that we hope will have a positive impact on the wildland fire community.

Our community of users goes from Europe to Chile, and in the US, the USDA FS, and many states in the US, including Texas, Florida, Georgia among others, that rely on fiResponse as their incident management software. Technosylva also was selected by CAL FIRE among 131 proposals to provide daily fire risk services, operational modeling, and tactical tools. This platform, Wildfire Analyst, has been proven useful during the challenging 2020 Fire Season.

Our focus has been to support our community with reliable operational tools, and that needs to bridge the gap between good science, the best data, and the requirements from the fireline to the ICP, up to the GACC level.

We will present the different lines of our own research, including areas as fuels definition and phenology (led by Dr. Adrian Cardil), WUI modeling (Akshat Chullawat), fire behavior models, and applied AI (Dr. Santiago Monedero). We will end the presentation with a demo of Wildfire Analyst.

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