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Type: Report
Author(s): Josephine A. Fites-Kaufman; Erin K. Noonan; David A. Ramirez
Publication Date: 2005

This paper is a combined report for three Wildland Fire Use (WFU) fires on the Stanislaus and Sequoia National Forest. We combined them because we felt there was greater applicability by combining the information. There were slightly two different scopes for the individual projects. The Sequoia was interested in a formal, peer-reviewed publication whereas the Stanislaus was interested primarily in an evaluation of the resource benefits of the WFU’s and suggestions for development of resource management objectives. This report contains a draft of the paper for peer-review publication that we believe meets the needs of both projects.

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Link to this document (3.8 MB; pdf)
Citation: Fites-Kaufman, JoAnn A.; Noonan-Wright, Erin; Ramirez, David A. 2005. Evaluation of Wildland Fire Use Fires on the Sequoia and Stanislaus National Forests in 2003: Effects in Relation to Historic Regimes and Resource Benefits. USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program. 62 P.

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  • California
  • historic fire regime
  • resource benefit
  • resource benefit fire
  • Sequoia National Forest
  • Stanislaus National Forest
  • WFU - wildland fire use
  • wildfire assessment
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