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Type: Report
Author(s): Alicia L. Reiner; Carol M. Ewell; Matthew B. Dickinson; Matt Hilden
Publication Date: 2014

The primary goal of this report is to assess the effectiveness of Forest Service fuel treatments in reducing fire behavior or improving the efficacy of fire suppression efforts near communities and maintaining vegetation where fire effects on natural resources are restored and help maintain ecosystems. The USDA Forest Service’s fuel treatment program aims to reduce fire behavior and damage and protect values. This case study provides examples of the synergy of multiple groups cooperating to achieve fuel treatments. This report discusses how effectively fuel treatments completed by the Forest Service reduced fire behavior or immediate effects on vegetation and soil. The Mountain fire burned through about five categories of fuel treatments including mastication, hand-thinning, pruning up and piling/burning of fuels and prescribed burns. Agency cooperators who treated fuels tested by the Mountain fire include the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The Mountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST), Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council and local residents also cleared around homes with Cal Fire, NRCS, and USFS grant support. Several residents were also aided by the Forest Care program which provides grants for treatments on private properties with no homes. Southern California Edison removed trees in the vicinity of a power line, grinding them at a biomass energy facility which they set up locally.

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Citation: Reiner, Alicia L.; Ewell, Carol M.; Dickinson, Mathew B.; Hilden, Mathew. 2014. 2013 Mountain Fire Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Summary. USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program. 23 p.

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  • 2013 Mountain Fire
  • California
  • fuel treatment effectiveness
  • Riverside County
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