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Author(s): Josephine A. Fites-Kaufman; Alicia L. Reiner; Michael Campbell; Zach Taylor
Publication Date: 2007

This report contains an evaluation of the use and effectiveness of these fuel treatments and the resultant fire behavior that occurred in both treated and untreated areas during the May 2007 Ham Lake Fire on the Superior National Forest, located in northern Minnesota. A synthesis of previous reports on the Cavity Lake Fire, which occurred during the summer of 2006, is used to compare with Ham Lake Fire behavior and effects. Together, the two fires provide insight into use and effectiveness of fuel treatments during two different fire season phases---pre-leaf out or “green up” and post- leaf out.

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Citation: Fites-Kaufman, JoAnn A. et al. 2007. Fire Behavior and Effects, Suppression, and Fuel Treatments on the Ham Lake and Cavity Lake Fires, Superior National Forest. USDA Forest Service Fire Behavior Assessment Team. 47 p.

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  • 2007 Cavity Lake Fire
  • 2007 Ham Lake Fire
  • Minnesota
  • Superior National Forest
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