Disturbance history in the Tanana River Basin of Alaska: Management implications
Document Type: Thesis
Author(s): James S. Roessler
Publication Year: 1997

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  • Alaska Interagency Fire Management Plan
  • disturbance
  • fire
  • fire management
  • fire policy
  • fire regimes
  • forest ecosystems
  • forest history
  • forest management
  • history
  • interior Alaska
  • logging history
  • Picea glauca
  • public involvement
  • regeneration
  • Tanana Valley
  • white spruce
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The forests of Tanana River Basin in Interior Alaska have a history of disturbance. Four issues reflecting forest disturbance, important to include in current management strategies for these lands, were researched: (1) disturbance history of the Tanana Valley; (2) Alaska Interagency Fire Management Plan: a case study; (3) prescribed natural fire in Alaska: possibilities and complexities; and (4) past use of prescribed fire in white spruce: a summary with particular reference to Alaska. Through researching historical archives, conducting field visits, interviewing land and fire managers and reviewing current planning documents, I reached four major conclusions: (1) there is lack of use of historical facts regarding human-induced changes on the landscapes; (2) past involvement of public stakeholders in fire planning in Alaska was inadequate; (3) the Alaska Interagency Fire Management Plans need to identify scientific prescription parameters which address specific land management objectives; and (4) management-ignited prescribed fire must become a more common prescription after harvesting of white spruce.

Roessler, James S. 1997. Disturbance history in the Tanana River Basin of Alaska: Management implications. Master of Science. Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska. 158 p.