Interview with Marty Alexander Regarding the 3-m Crown Spacing Guideline
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Date: March 20, 2021

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  • active crown fire
  • Alberta
  • Canada
  • canopy base height
  • canopy fuel load
  • CBD - canopy bulk density
  • crown fire initiation
  • crown fire propagation
  • fireline intensity
  • fuel management
  • lodgepole pine expansion
  • onset of crowning
  • passive crown fire
  • Pinus contorta
  • ROS - rate of spread
  • stand structure
  • thinning
  • Yukon
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Marty Alexander (Wild Rose Fire Behavior) and Luc Bibeau (FireSmart Specialist with Yukon Wildland Fire Management, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory) discuss the 3-m tree crown spacing guideline for the prevention of crowning wildfires.

This podcast interview was hosted in conjunction with the University of Idaho's FOR 546 Science Synthesis and Communication course.

Recording Length: 0:09:36
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