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Type: Report
Author(s): Josephine A. Fites-Kaufman; Michael Campbell; Todd Decker; Clint Isabell; Alicia L. Reiner; Lauren B. Shapiro-Miller; Frank K. Lake
Publication Date: 2006

This report contains the results of the assessment of fire behavior in relation to fuels, weather and topography, and fire effects to resources in relation to fire behavior for the Orleans Complex, which occured on the Six Rivers National Forest in 2006. The team met with the Forest, District and Karuk Tribe to prioritize vegetation and fuel types and resources to focus monitoring on. The objectives were based on providing information useful for planning future cultural burning projects and community protection fuel hazard reduction projects. The monitoring data and assessment will be useful for characterizing fuels and fire effects, and prescription development for prescribed burn planning and fuel hazard project planning. If the sites are revisited at a later date to gather longerterm fire effects information, then the data will be useful for predicting longer-term post-fire effects, such as the effect of summer burning on culturally important plants.

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Citation: Fites-Kaufman, JoAnn A. et al. 2006. Orleans Complex: Fire Behavior, Fuels, Effects. USDA Forest Service Fire Behavior Assessment Team. 38 p.

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  • 2006 Orleans Complex / Somes Fire
  • California
  • Humboldt County
  • Six Rivers National Forest
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