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Type: Report
Author(s): Josephine A. Fites-Kaufman; Carol M. Ewell; Nicole M. Vaillant; Michael Campbell; Mark Courson; Todd Decker; Carol Lew; Sam Marouk; Zach Taylor; Rick Anderson
Publication Date: 2007

This report summarizes the results of the assessment of fire behavior in relation to fuels, weather and topography, and fire effects to resources in relation to fire behavior for the Big Turnaround Complex and Georgia Bay Complex (Sweatfarm Branch) fire incidents in Georgia during 2007. Fire behavior, pre-fire fuels and post-fire conditions were measured at 13 sites including a variety of conditions. Fuel types included native slash pine, slash pine plantations, pond pine-sweet bay and pocosin. Two of the native slash pine sites had been treated with prescribed fire last year (2006). Fire behavior and post-fire data were collected at 11 sites that burned. Two monitored sites did not burn. One was displaced by tractor and helicopter operations. To summarize the data sites were grouped by dominant vegetation types and whether they had recently been prescribed burned. Within the slash pine plantation type, various age stands were sampled including four that were an estimated 20 years old, one an estimated 15 years old, and two that were 5 to 10 years old that did not burn. Plantation age was estimated based on stand height and diameter and discussion with local foresters. A variety of fire behavior was measured across the sites, although most was high intensity because of the drought conditions that preceded the fire. All but three of the sites that burned were during free-burning or untrammeled wildfire. The remaining three burned as part of fire suppression burnout operations. Crown fire was evident on two sites but most burned as high intensity surface fires.

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Citation: Fites-Kaufman, JoAnn A. et al. 2007. Big Turnaround and Georgia Bay Complexes: Fire Behavior Assessment Report. USDA Forest Service Fire Behavior Assessment Team. 31 p.

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  • 2007 Big Turnaround Complex
  • 2007 Georgia Bay Complex
  • Georgia
  • Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
  • Ware County
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