JFSP Crown Fire Behavior Synthesis Project
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): Nicole M. Vaillant; Martin E. Alexander; Miguel G. Cruz; David L. Peterson
Publication Year: 2012

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  • conifer forests
  • crown fire
  • crown fire cessation
  • crown fire initiation
  • crown fire rate of spread
  • fire suppression
  • fireline intensity
  • fuel types
  • independent crown fire
  • juniper woodlands
  • mastication fuel treatment
  • onset of crowning
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The Joint Fire Science Program (JSFP) is supporting a project aimed at synthesizing the currently available information on crown fire behavior in conifer forests (e.g., the onset of crowning, type of crown fire and the associated spread rate and fireline intensity). In addition to summarizing the existing scientific and technical literature on the subject, we are also seeking assistance from individuals in the form of field observations of crown fires and related experiences as well as still pictures and video footage. Finally, we are interested in hearing from you as to your opinions on the subject of crown fires and any specific questions and/or research needs/knowledge gaps that you would like to see addressed in this crown fire synthesis project. We are looking for firsthand experiences of unusual observations like independent crown fire, crown fire initiation, or cessation. What was happening climatically, what were the fuel types, was there anything extraordinary, did suppression play a role? Are there any questions that you would like to have answered? Such as, when implementing mastication fuel treatments how much material can be left onsite or how long after a mastication treatment is the potential risk of crown fire alleviated? Are there gaps in knowledge pertaining to crown fire such as the desire for better assessments methods for crown fire risk in juniper woodlands?

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Vaillant, Nicole M.; Alexander, Martin E.; Cruz, Miguel G.; Peterson, David L. 2012. JFSP Crown Fire Behavior Synthesis project. Presented at the 2nd Pacific Northwest Fire Behavior Workshop, 17-20 January 2012, Vancouver, Washington.