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Type: Presentation
Publication Date: February 18, 2013

This workshop was held in conjunction with the 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, 18-22 February 2013, Raleigh, NC. The goal of this workshop was to provide participants with a summary of the results emanating from the Joint Fire Science Program sponsored project "Crown Fire Behavior Characteristics and Prediction in Conifer Forests: A State of Knowledge Synthesis" (JFSP 09-S-03-1) that began in October 2009. The current state-of-knowledge with respect to crown fire initiation and propagation in relation to fuel complex characteristics and surface weather conditions was described with time for questions and discussion. Workshop participants also had the opportunity to share their experiences and observations regarding crown fires, including thoughts on future research needs and knowledge gaps. Participants were asked to submit a color photo of a crown fire to be projected during the workshop and be prepared to orally provide a short description of the image. The instructors elicited input on fuels and fire behavior characteristics that are unique to the southern United States in regards to crown fire behavior in conifer forests.

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  • conifer forests
  • crown fire initiation
  • crown fire propagation
  • fuel characteristics
  • fuel complex
  • surface weather conditions
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  • 09-S-03-1
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