Forest and rangeland fire history bibliography (abstract)
Document Type: Conference Proceedings
Author(s): Ron J. Mastrogiuseppe; Martin E. Alexander; William H. Romme
Editor(s): James E. Lotan; Bruce M. Kilgore; William C. Fischer; Robert W. Mutch
Publication Year: 1985

Cataloging Information

  • boreal forests
  • Canada
  • charcoal analysis
  • coniferous forests
  • Fennoscandia
  • fire frequency
  • fire regimes
  • fire scar dating
  • fire size
  • grasslands
  • historical accounts
  • lake sediment
  • Mexico
  • North America
  • paleoecology
  • pine forests
  • presettlement vegetation
  • rangelands
  • tree-ring dating
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A bibliography dealing with the subject of wildland fire history was first published in December 1979 by the second author of this paper (Alexander 1979). A supplement to the original bibliography was included in the proceedings of the Fire History Workshop held October 20-24, 1980, in Tucson, Ariz. (Alexander 1980). The authors have continued to monitor the expanding literature on forest and rangeland fire history, thus adding to the initial bibliography and supplement. The most recent version of the bibliography was reproduced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station's Fire Effects and Use Research and Development Program, Northern Forest Fire Laboratory, Missoula, Montana, for distribution at the Wilderness Fire Workshop and Symposium (Mastrogiuseppe and others 1983). This updated bibliography consists of 485 references dating back to 1900, although over 70 percent of the entries date from 1970. The subject matter focuses chiefly on dendrochronology (tree-ring and fire scar dating), palaeoecology (charcoal analysis of lake sediments), and historical geography (written accounts of wildland fires). The primary geographical emphasis is North America; but a limited number of international references, largely from Fenno-Scandia, are included. An area index organized by province, state and country is keyed by author(s) and publication date to the alphabetical list of references. The primary purpose of these bibliographies has been to compile all relevant published references and significant unpublished reports as an aid to resource managers and environmental scientists.

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Mastrogiuseppe, Ron J. ; Alexander, Martin E. ; Romme, William H. 1985. Forest and rangeland fire history bibliography. Page 353 in Lotan, James E.; Kilgore, Bruce M.; Fischer, William C.; Mutch, Robert W. (editors), Proceedings - Symposium and Workshop on Wilderness Fire; November 15-18, 1983; Missoula, Montana. General Technical Report. INT-GTR-182. Ogden, UT: USDA Forest Service, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station. 434 p.