Spatially-explicit Climate Forcings from Wildfire across the ABoVE Domain
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Author(s): Brendan M. Rogers; Sol Cooperdock; Catherine M. Dieleman; Angela M. Erb; Scott J. Goetz; Jill F. Johnstone; Michelle C. Mack; Michael Moubarak; Carly Phillips; Stefano Potter; James T. Randerson; Crystal Schaaf; Kylen Solvik; Merritt R. Turetsky; Sander Veraverbeke; Xanthe J. Walker; Elizabeth B. Wiggins
Publication Year: 2019

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  • ABoVE - Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment
  • albedo
  • boreal forest fires
  • burned area
  • C - carbon
  • Canada
  • carbon emissions
  • climate change
  • climate forcing
  • forest fire carbon emission
  • remote sensing
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Wildfires in the boreal forests and peatlands of the ABoVE domain are a natural disturbance agent, but are increasing in frequency and severity. Boreal forest fires impart relatively large forcings on the climate system as a result of (i) typically high severity fires that emit large amounts of carbon, (ii) snow cover that amplifies albedo effects, and (iii) the long-term nature of forest regrowth. The pathways by which these fires affect climate are spatially heterogeneous and may change with future climate. Understanding the complex spatial and temporal patterns is important for scientists, fire managers, and their governing bodies. Here we present a framework to quantify, map, and predict the dominant climate forcings from wildfires.

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Rogers, Brendan M.; Cooperdock, Sol; Dieleman, Catherine; Erb, Angela; Goetz, Scott J.; Johnstone, Jill F.; Mack, Michelle C.; Moubarak, Michael; Phillips, Carly; Potter, Stefano; Randerson, James T.; Schaaf, Crystal; Solvik, Kylen; Turetsky, Merritt; Veraverbeke, Sander; Walker, Xanthe J.; Wiggins, Elizabeth. 2019. Spatially-explicit Climate Forcings from Wildfire across the ABoVE Domain. 5th ABoVE Science Team Meeting, May 2019, La Jolla, California.