Fire, forests and city water supplies
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Dennis W. Hallema; Alicia M. Kinoshita; Deborah A. Martin; Fran├žois-Nicolas Robinne; Mauricio Galleguillos; Steven G. McNulty; Ge Sun; Kunwar K. Singh; Rua S. Mordecai; Peter F. Moore
Publication Year: 2019

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  • water quality
  • water security
  • water supply
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The changing role of fire in forest landscapes shows that strategic forest management is necessary to safeguard urban water supplies.

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Hallema, Dennis W.; Kinoshita, Alicia M.; Martin, Deborah A.; Robinne, Fran├žois-Nicolas; Galleguillos, Mauricio; McNulty, Steven G.; Sun, Ge; Singh, Kunwar K.; Mordecai, Rua S.; Moore, Peter F. 2019. Fire, forests and city water supplies. Unasylva 251:58-66.