Community Biomass Handbook Volume 2: Alaska, Where Woody Biomass Can Work
Document Type: Guide / Handbook / Manual / Protocol
Author(s): Eini C. Lowell; Daniel J. Parrent; Robert Deering; Dan Bihn; Dennis R. Becker
Publication Year: 2015

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  • fuel biomass
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The Community Biomass Handbook. Volume 2: Alaska, Where Woody Biomass Can Work, is a companion volume to the Community Biomass Handbook. Volume 1: Thermal Wood Energy, published in April 2014 (Becker et al. 2014). Why an Alaska volume? The original handbook contains information to help answer initial questions about development of wood heating projects for any location, whereas the Alaska handbook addresses issues and conditions specific to Alaska—transportation logistics, access to resources, energy costs, and climate to name a few. The handbooks collectively provide:  Thermal heating solutions—Proven biomass technologies and applications in, Alaska Reality check—Challenges of biomass heating in Alaska and underlying conditions for success, Vision—The future of biomass heating and opportunities for job creation, resource management, and energy security, Project screening—Initial assessment of project feasibility using the companion Wood Energy Financial Calculator, which allows users to quickly evaluate or compare biomass heating options, and the capital investment and fuel cost savings associated with them. This information can serve as an effective outreach and education tool for discussing biomass with interested parties.

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Lowell, Eini; Parrent, Daniel; Deering, Robert; Bihn, Dan; Becker, Dennis. 2015. Community Biomass Handbook Volume 2: Alaska, Where Woody Biomass Can Work. General Technical Report PNW-GTR-920. Portland, OR: USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 104 p.

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