Nontimber forest product opportunities in Alaska
Document Type: Report
Author(s): David Pilz; Susan J. Alexander; Robert Schroeder; Jerry Smith; Jim Freed
Publication Year: 2006

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  • nontimber forest products
  • special forest products
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Nontimber forest products from southern Alaska (also called special forest products) have been used for millennia as resources vital to the livelihoods and culture of Alaska Natives and, more recently, as subsistence resources for the welfare of all citizens. Many of these products are now being sold, and Alaskans seek additional income opportunities through sustainable harvest and manufacture of such forest resources. We discuss the unique legal, regulatory, land tenure, geographic, vegetation, and climatic context that southern Alaska presents for marketing nontimber forest products; summarize the various species and types of products being harvested; and consider the marketing challenges and opportunities new entrepreneurs will encounter. The information and resources we provide are intended to enhance income opportunities for all Alaskans, while sustaining the organisms harvested, respecting traditional activities, and ensuring equitable access to resources.

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Pilz, David; Alexander, Susan J.; Schroeder, Robert; Smith, Jerry; Freed, Jim. 2006. Nontimber forest product opportunities in Alaska. General Technical Report. PNW-GTR-671. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. Portland, OR. 79 pp.