Health impacts of bushfire smoke exposure in Australia
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Clare M. Walter; Elena K. Schneider-Futschik; Luke D. Knibbs; Louis B. Irving
Publication Year: 2020

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  • air pollution
  • asthma
  • Australia
  • bushfires
  • cardiorespiratory disease
  • health impacts
  • smoke exposure
  • International
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Smoke exposure from bushfires, such as those experienced in Australia during 2019-2020, can reach levels up to 10 times those deemed hazardous. Short‐term and extended exposure to high levels of air pollution can be associated with adverse health effects, although the most recent fires have brought into sharp focus that several important knowledge gaps remain. In this article, we briefly identify and discuss the existing Australian evidence base and make suggestions for future research.

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Walter, Clare M.; Schneider-Futschik, Elena K.; Knibbs, Luke D.; Irving, Louis B. 2020. Health impacts of bushfire smoke exposure in Australia. Respirology 25(5):495-501.