LANDFIRE Remap in the Southwestern U.S.
Media Type: Webinar
  • James L. Smith
    The Nature Conservancy
  • Kori Blankenship
    The Nature Conservancy
Host Agency:
  • Southern Rockies Fire Science Network
  • Great Basin Fire Science Exchange
  • Southwest Fire Science Consortium
Date: October 9, 2019

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  • BpS - Biophysical Settings
  • historical vegetation
  • Remap
  • The Nature Conservancy
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Webinar co-hosted with LANDFIRE on October 9, 2019, by the Southern Rockies, Great Basin and Southwest Fire Science Networks. Geography includes LF's Southwest GeoArea: Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, and sections of New Mexico, Colorado, and California. Presenters Jim Smith and Kori Blankenship of The Nature Conservancy's LF team review improvements to LF's newest product offerings and also look at what remains the same as in previous versions. The Southwest is the second of nine LF Remap regional product releases that are scheduled through mid-2020.

Recording Length: 0:52:29
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