Learn a New Way to Sample Wildland Fuel Loadings: the Photoload Technique
Media Type: Webinar
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  • Signe B. Leirfallom
    US Forest Service, Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
  • Northern Rockies Fire Science Network
Date: February 18, 2020

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  • fuel inventory
  • fuel load
  • fuel loading
  • fuel sampling
  • Photoload
  • surface fuel
  • woody fuels
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Wildland fire researchers and fire managers need better estimates of surface fuel loadings but getting accurate estimates takes time and resources. A relatively new fuel sampling system, called the photoload sampling technique, has been developed to quickly and accurately estimate loadings for six surface fuel components using downward-looking photographs that depict graduated fuel loadings. The user simply matches the fuel loading conditions observed on the ground with conditions portrayed in a set of graduated photographs. In this webinar you will learn how to use the photoload technique. Materials are available to teach photoload to others, to calibrate photoload visual estimates to improve accuracy, and to create photoloads of your own.

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