burnr: Fire history analysis and graphics in R
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Steven B. Malevich; Christopher H. Guiterman; Ellis Q. Margolis
Publication Year: 2018

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  • burnr
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  • SEA - superposed epoch analysis
  • software
  • statistical analysis
  • tree ring analysis
  • tree-ring analysis
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We developed a new software package, burnr, for fire history analysis and plotting in the R statistical programming environment. It was developed for tree-ring fire-scar analysis, but is broadly applicable to other event analyses (e.g., avalanches, frost rings, or culturally modified trees). Our new package can read, write, and manipulate standard tree-ring fire history FHX files, produce fire—demography charts, calculate fire frequency and seasonality statistics, and run superposed epoch analysis (SEA). A key benefit of burnr is that it enables automation of analyses and plotting, especially for large data sets. The package also facilitates creative plotting, mapping, and analyses when combined with the thousands of packages available in R. In this paper, we describe the basic functionality of burnr and introduce users to fire history analyses in R.

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Malevich, Steven B.; Guiterman, Christopher H.; Margolis, Ellis Q. 2018. burnr: Fire history analysis and graphics in R. Dendrochronologia 49:9-15.