National Park Service interior region 11 (Alaska) fire ecology annual report calendar year 2019
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Jennifer L. Barnes; Jennifer L. Hrobak
Publication Year: 2020

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  • annual report
  • Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
  • post-fire ecology
  • Yukon-Charley
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Record Last Modified: February 12, 2020
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The National Park Service (NPS) Interior Region 11 (Alaska) fire ecology program provides science-based information to guide fire and land management planning, decisions and practices in order to maintain and understand fire-adapted ecosystems in Alaska.
During the 2019 field season, the Alaska NPS fire ecology program conducted monitoring in Yukon-Charley Rivers NPr and Bering Land Bridge NPr. The regional fire ecologists were involved with preparing monitoring protocols, research reports, instructing classes, and participating on several agency and interagency committees. This annual report provides a brief summary about the NPS Alaska 2019 fire season, fire ecology monitoring results, fire research projects, and fire ecology program activities and outreach.

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Barnes, Jennifer; Hrobak, Jennifer. 2020. National Park Service Interior Region 11 (Alaska) fire ecology annual report calendar year 2019. National Park Service: Fire and Aviation Management. 23 p.