Fire in far north regions: a bibliography
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Signe M. Larson
Publication Year: 1969

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  • arctic
  • fire control
  • tundra
  • wildfires
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This bibliography is a listing of the literature on the subject of fire as it relates to the high latitudes; its occurrence, ecological effects and methods of control. It encompasses forest and tundra fires in far north regions as well as installation and facility fires in polar regions, both North and South. The emphasis is on Alaska. References to foreign literature are included if the subject matter concerns areas having similar geography, climate and specific weather weather factors. (Covers the period 1950-1969.)

Larson, Signe M. 1969. Fire in far north regions: a bibliography. USDI Departmental Library publication PB-189 099, Bibliography series no. 14. 37 pp.