Early results of the Rosie Creek fire research project 1984
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Glenn P. Juday; C. Theodore Dyrness
Publication Year: 1985

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  • bark beetles
  • burn
  • fire
  • fire research
  • immediate post-burn
  • interior Alaska
  • phosphorus
  • Picea glauca
  • post-fire
  • revegetation
  • Rosie Creek
  • soil
  • tamarack
  • white spruce
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From introduction: 'The purpose of this report is to provide a first account of the projects supported or about to be launched at the time of a December 4, 1984 meeting titled, 'Rosie Creek Fire Research Project, 1984 Research Progress Meeting.' None of the projects had been completed at the time of this meeting, which was only 17 months after the fire; all the results reported in this volume are preliminary. However, several of the research topics deal with immediate post-fire effects, so that a substantial base of information is available in those studies. In the case of projects that had not been launched at the time of the meeting, the authors were asked to report only their research rationale and approach. This volume is intended to provide information, which may be of immediate use, to practicing foresters and other resource managment professionals in interior Alaska. It also serves as an accounting to the interested public as well as administrators and legislators who have supported the work. The meeting and information exchange reported here also serve to inform a diverse set of researchers of the full range of investigations underway, and alert them or others scientists to the opportunities for integration of research, other types of collaboration, and/or synthesis of results.'

Juday, Glenn P.; Dyrness, C. Theodore. 1985. Early results of the Rosie Creek fire research project 1984. Miscellaneous Publication 85-2. Fairbanks, AK: Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, University of Alaska Faribanks. 46 p.