Dendroecology - tree-ring analyses applied to ecological studies
Document Type: Book
Editor(s): Mariano M. Amoroso; Lori D. Daniels; Patrick J. Baker; Jesús Julio Camarero
Publication Year: 2017

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  • dendroecology
  • fire regimes
  • forest management
  • tree rings
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Dendroecologists apply the principles and methods of tree-ring science to address ecological questions and resolve problems related to global environmental change. In this fast-growing field, tree rings are used to investigate forest development and succession, disturbance regimes, ecotone and treeline dynamics and forest decline. This book of global scope highlights state-of-the-science dendroecological contributions to paradigm-shifts in our understanding of ecophysiology, stand dynamics, disturbance interactions, forest decline and ecosystem resilience to global environmental change and is fundamental to better managing our forested ecosystems for the full range of ecosystem goods and services that they provide.

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Amoroso, Mariano M.; Daniels, Lori D.; Baker, Patrick J.; Camarero, Jesús Julio (eds.). 2017. Dendroecology - tree-ring analyses applied to ecological studies. Springer. 400 p.