Selecting a landscape model for natural resource management applications
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Robert E. Keane II; Rachel A. Loehman; Lisa M. Holsinger
Publication Year: 2019

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  • climate change
  • land management
  • landscape ecology
  • landscape simulation
  • natural resource management
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Climate change and associated ecological impacts have challenged many conventional, observation-based approaches for predicting ecosystem and landscape responses to natural resource management. Complex spatial ecological models provide powerful, flexible tools which managers and others can use to make inferences about management impacts on future, no-analog landscape conditions. However, land managers who wish to use ecosystem and landscape models for natural resource applications are faced with the difficult task of deciding among many models that differ in important ways. Here, we summarize a process to aid managers in the selection of an appropriate model for natural resource management.

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Keane, Robert E.; Loehman, Rachel A.; Holsinger, Lisa M. 2019. Selecting a landscape model for natural resource management applications. Current Landscape Ecology Reports 4(2):31-40.