Alaska Interagency Fire Research Needs September 2005
Document Type: Unpublished Work
Author(s): Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG)
Publication Year: 2005

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The following list of research topics was generated by agencies within AWFCG during 2005.  The topics were ranked originally by the AWFCG Fire Research and Development Committee (FRDAC) and finally by the AWFCG members.  Ranking was as follows:  3= high, 2 = medium, 1= low (or H, M, L).   The averages were calculated for AWFCG and are presented below.  List is sorted by highest ranking by AWFCG.

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Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group. 2005. Alaska Interagency Fire Research Needs September 2005. 9 p.

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