Wildland urban interface fire operational requirements and capability analysis
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Geoffrey Berlin; Michael Hieb
Publication Year: 2019

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  • incident response
  • preparedness
  • public education
  • remote sensing
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The project team identified three overarching conclusions that represent consistent themes captured throughout the course of the TTXs a n d expert engagements. These conclusions framed the development of key findings and more detailed analysis across the mission space of WUI fire response: 1) Time Criticality of WUI Fire Incidents: WUI fire incidents require immediate protective and response actions to save lives. The conflagration created when a wildland fire enters populated areas is unpredictable and can rapidly devastate these areas, threatening lives. Interventions and solutions that improve decision making and response in the initial minutes of a WUI fire are vital. 2) Available Technology Solutions Exist: There exist available technologies (both government and commercial), which-if implemented-could immediately help emergency responders reduce the number of lives lost during WUI fire incidents. In particular, these technologies could immediately support ignition detection, fire tracking, public information and warning, evacuation, and responder safety. Improving capabilities in other elements of the WUI response (i.e. preparedness and critical infrastructure) ma y require investing in adaptable or developable solutions that are not immediately available. 3) Public Education and Preparedness Measures are Vital: Public education and preparedness are essential to reducing the number of lives lost to WUI fire incidents. There is no solution more effective than preventing an ignition in the first place and ensuring the at-risk communities are prepared at the grassroots level to face wildland fire dangers.

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